Welcome to me

Ex-Celebrity Publicist-turned-Reality TV Casting-Turned-Mother & Wife. I’m JewISH a Reality TV Junkie, Activist, Fashion Health and Lifestyle blogger. I am the Keeper of being Real all while climbing the Social Ladders of life. 

If you are still  proceeding to read this then you must find this relatable. I’m a girls girl who smuggles wine and champagne to play dates in vente Starbucks tumbler. Like literally Trader Joes knows me by name and knows the OJ and Presco I like as well as what days to open a few mins early so I can run in purchase and leave.

Since my motto has always been it’s better to be late then arrive ugly. I tend to run 20 min late to everything. I have making a great first impression to a science and we will go over that later….




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